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Srinivas Sir

Dr. G. Srinivas Rao

for your Future DESTINATION

Today, we live in an era where the world is opening its eyes and ways to India. India is fast emerging as a new economic superpower; Indian professionals are scaling the commanding heights of the global economy. High intellectual ability combined with strong academic background and capacity for hard work has made Indians the most sought after workforce all over the world. Sound professional qualifications are the most important credentials required for today’s youth to succeed in this scenario. Getting the right education is the first big step to launch into a rewarding career. “You can’t go back and change the BEGINNING but you can start where you are and change the ENDING”. This the right time  for you to start drawing the roadmap of your life and career.

Young people with talent and the required qualifications can easily find lucrative career openings in these sectors. SAMATA DEGREE COLLEGE provide highly innovative skill oriented university affiliated courses which empower the new generation to get the right career break in these fields. The institutions not only provide students with quality education but also groom them to face life with confidence.

Excellence in education is the driving principle at Samata Degree College. No effort is spared in providing students with a focused academic environment which nurtures complete development of personality. We simply believe in treading the path of Quality and Discipline, which is the basic mantra of success in our institution. Our quality education and infrastructure can make a difference in student’s perception and motivate them to achieve higher goals while abiding by our core institutional values.

You are the future of our great nation and our vision is to see you as responsible individuals with the pursuit of excellence as your motto in all that you undertake. On behalf of the Management, Faculty, Alumni and Staff, I wish my students All the Best for all their Present and Future Endeavours.

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