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Dr. S. Vijaya Ravindra

Dr. S. Vijaya Ravindra

As Dean & Correspondent for Samata Degree College, I would like to share the unique charm and character of our institution. Our college is more than just a place of learning; it’s a community where students come together to grow, discover, and build lasting friendships. The college has always been one of its defining features, and it has a profound impact on the student experience.

Teachers know their students and more importantly their aspirations. They provide personalized guidance and support, fostering an environment where they can truly explore the students passions and interests in academic aspect s and cultural activities. Students are encouraged to actively participate in various aspects of college life, from clubs and organizations to community service projects.

This sense of ownership empowers the students and helps them to take initiative and make a difference. In our college along with academics, the students are nurtured to become multi-dimensional individuals who are ready for the industry. There are many achievements to the credit of our college during these three decades and we thank the teaching fraternity, parents and students for their continued support to make this as one of the flagship institutions of Alwardas Group.

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