The primary objective of establishing hostels for boys and girls of SAMATA DEGREE COLLEGE is to provide students a Home away from their Home. The hostels are built in an environment that certainly provides self-confidence and instills discipline in the minds of students. They can feel at ease and put in their best in academics. The hostel ambience provides scope for developing harmonious communal living and enables them to share the joys of fellowship and professional fraternity. Self-help, co-operation and spirit of common good are some of the virtues anticipated from the inmates of the hostel. 

The senior inmates of the hostel are expected to be more responsible and set good examples for junior students. Everyone should uphold the dignity and self-respect of every other student in the hostel. Inmates are expected to utilize the best infrastructure facilities and uphold the reputation of the hostel as well as the institute.

Hostel Administration

There are two hostels, one for boy students and the other for girl students, exist in the college campus. Each hostel accommodates about 300 boys students and 100 girls students respectively. The hostel is administered by a committee, which consists of Principal as Chief Warden, a Senior Professor as Warden and Resident Warden.


Both hostels have necessary infrastructure for boarding and lodging facilities provided to the inmates. The kitchen is equipped with modern gadgets/utensils and run either on steam and/or on conventional cooking.


  • Application for admission to the hostel should be made in the prescribed form which is available in the hostel office.
  • Parent/Guardian should accompany the student seeking admission into the hostel and comply with the formalities and procedures for admission.
  • The administration has right to refuse admission to any member without assigning any reason.
  • Every student, before admission to the hostel must give an undertaking in writing that he/she will abide by the rules of the hostel and obey the discipline imposed by the authorities. The same should be confirmed by the parent/guardian.
  • The prescribed hostel fee shall be paid as applicable at the time of admission into the hostel.
  • Admission is for a period of one year only and may be renewed for the following years on a fresh application.
  • Two passport size photographs of the applicant and one pass port size photograph of the parent are to be submitted along with application.


  • Rooms are allotted only on full payment of hostel fee.
  • One academic year of the student is treated as one full year at the hostel office.
  • Warden shall make Room allotment against vacancy existing in the hostel.
  • Once room is allotted, the members should not exchange rooms without the knowledge of the warden.
  • The warden without assigning reason may shift members from one room to another.
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