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CSR Activity by Samata College

Samata College Visakhapatnam exhibited its commitment to social responsibility through a recent impactful event. Students and faculty came together to participate in a CSR activity, which included community outreach, environmental initiatives, and educational support. The college’s dedication to making a positive impact on society was evident in this meaningful endeavor.

Farewell party 2023 for Degree Final year Students

On 30th August, 2023 Samata College Visakhapatnam bid a bittersweet farewell to its final year degree students, celebrating their academic journey with warmth and nostalgia. The event featured emotional speeches, heartfelt goodbyes, and lively performances. It served as a memorable send-off, reminding students of their cherished moments at the college while wishing them success in their future endeavors.

independence day celebration 2023

Samata College Visakhapatnam celebrated Independence Day with patriotic fervor and unity. The event showcased flag-hoisting, cultural performances, and speeches that reflected the spirit of freedom and the importance of national unity. It was a day of pride, honoring India’s rich heritage and the college’s commitment to fostering patriotic values among its students.

Teachers Day Celebrations at Samata College

Samata College Visakhapatnam celebrated Teachers’ Day with utmost enthusiasm and gratitude. Students and staff came together to honor their dedicated educators with heartfelt speeches, cultural performances, and a special awards ceremony. The event showcased the college’s commitment to nurturing a strong bond between teachers and students, fostering a culture of appreciation and learning.

International Women’s Day Celebrations

International Women’s Day Celebrations in Samata College Campus on 07.03.2023 – ముఖ్య అతిథి విశాఖపట్నం జి.వి.ఎం.సి గౌరవనీయులైన మేయర్ జి .హరి వెంకట కుమారి గారు and విశిష్ట అతిథి సెయింట్ జోసెఫ్ కళాశాల హిందీ విభాగ అధిపతి ప్రొఫెసర్ పి. కె జయలక్ష్మి గారు

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