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The purpose of studying for the B.Sc. programme is to inculcate theoretical, practical and research skills among students. On the other hand, the B.Sc programme provides basic knowledge of the major Science subjects to the students. The curriculum is slightly lesser rigorous, but it includes both theoretical and practical components.

The pedagogy of B.Sc. programmes is a combination of theory and practical lessons. The B.Sc. curriculum includes practical lessons which carry a considerable amount of weightage. To pass a semester, students need to pass both the theory as well practical exams. Subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition and Mathematics form the core of the B.Sc degree. There are a plethora of specializations and branches offered in the BSc course.

Why Study BSc?

  • A B.Sc. Degree provides you with numerous job options. From natural sciences such as physics, biology, and chemistry to mathematics, technology, Nutrition and computers, you can pursue a field that truly interests you and create a profession that you would like.
  • In comparison to other fields such as commerce and the arts, B.Sc. graduates get a higher proportion of pay and a wider range of benefits. Science and technology-related jobs are expanding as more countries develop and globalisation expands job prospects. As a result, your degree will increase your professional value and provide you with prospects to work in some of the greatest firms and industries like Pharma, Food Industry & Nutrition Industry.
  • Some of the most prestigious and well-known occupations in the country, such as doctor and engineer, demand a B.Sc. degree. Most B.Sc. students want to continue their education in order to pursue a professional career. A B.Sc. enables you to pursue a master’s degree or perhaps a PhD. As with science, the more you study, the more condensed your education path gets, allowing you to focus on an area of specialisation.
  • It may appear far-fetched, but persons who study B.Sc. have a better possibility of changing and enhancing the world. People who are investigating and discovering new information, researching medicine to improve quality of life, and inventing and innovating new products are typically scientists or have studied in an area closely related to science.
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